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PowerLift: Lifting Techniques For A Healthy Back

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PowerLift: Lifting Techniques For A Healthy Back

You probably lift multiple objects per day, whether it be at home or at work, and some objects are likely heavier than others. Each time you lift an object with traditional lifting methods you risk injury. The PowerLift technique corrects those improper practices and reduces your chances of being injured while lifting an object. The PowerLift is not just a new way of lifting, it is a new way of thinking about lifting where each lift is done safely. There are multiple PowerLift techniques for use in a variety of scenarios, and this training video demonstrates them all.

Traditional lifting techniques place great strain on your knees and back; the delicate disks in your spine can be easily injured by this force. With the PowerLift, however, the knees bend less, the stance is wider, and the hips pivot instead of the back. Designed by licensed orthopedic and chiropractic doctor, Dr. Mike Schaefer, the PowerLift eliminates the harmful effects of the traditional lifting methods, thus reducing both the strain on your body as well as the likelihood of injury. You will be taught more about the benefits of PowerLift techniques, as well as how to best carry a heavy load, here. This course demonstrates five different lift styles, including the basic, Tip the Load, Tripod, Golfer’s Bend, and the Lean Bar.

It is crucial to do everything we can to protect ourselves from injuring our backs, as back injuries can be debilitating. Utilize the techniques presented in this back safety training and lift safer with the PowerLift.

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The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Flaws of traditional Lifting Techniques
  • Advantages of a Wider Stance
  • Creating a Basic Powerlift
  • The ‘Tip the Load’ Technique
  • The Bridging Technique
  • The Tripod Lift
  • The Golfer’s Bend
  • The Lean Bar Technique
  • Carrying a Heavy Load
  • Pushing and Pulling
  • Conclusion

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