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Back Injury Prevention

Practicing back safety could save you from a lifetime of pain

80% of American adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Employees must learn how to keep their backs healthy while on the job and in their day-to-day lives. These back-injury prevention training courses provide tips and techniques for preventing back injuries.

Employees must complete regular stretching, strength building exercises, and use proper ergonomic systems to maintain health backs. Another key component to keeping your back safe is using proper lifting techniques. Proactive back injury prevention is the best strategy.

These courses are relevant for all employee groups, but especially important for those involved in physically demanding jobs and repetitive tasks, whether performed at a desk or on a shop floor. Courses cover topics including exercise and ergonomics, lifting training, preventing back and neck injury, and more.

Course Listing by Topic: Safety: Back Injuries

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Title Product ID Video Format Single Play
Retail Price
Back Safety marcbsi1_vod HD Buy $19.95
Back Safety In Construction Environments marcbsi1c_vod HD Buy $19.95
Back Safety In Food Processing And Handling Environments marcbsi1f_vod HD Buy $19.95
Back Safety In Healthcare Environments: For Medical Personnel marcbsi1h_vod HD Buy $19.95
Back Safety In Healthcare Environments: For Office and Maintenance Personnel marcbsi1ho_vod HD Buy $19.95
Back Safety In Industrial Environments marcbsi1i_vod HD Buy $19.95
Back Safety In Office Environments marcbsi1o_vod HD Buy $19.95
Back Safety In Transportation And Warehouse Environments marcbsi1t_vod HD Buy $19.95
Back Safety: Exercise and Ergonomics wumbbsee_vod SD-Wide Buy $19.95
Back Safety: Proper Lifting Procedures wumbbslp_vod SD-Wide Buy $19.95
Patient Handling Safety marcphsa_vod HD Buy $19.95
PowerLift: Lifting Techniques For A Healthy Back erisplth_vod HD Buy $19.95
PowerLift: Lifting Techniques for a Healthy Back - Concise Version erisplthc_vod HD Buy $17.95
Preventing Back Injuries: To The Point ttpcpbin_vod HD Buy $19.95
Safe Lifting marclift_vod SD-Wide Buy $19.95
Safe Lifting in Construction Environments marclifc_vod SD-Wide Buy $19.95
Safe Lifting: Below The Waist Lifting marclift_m04_vod SD-Wide Buy $3.95
Safe Lifting: Planning A Carry marclift_m05_vod SD-Wide Buy $3.95
Safe Lifting: Preparing For A Lift marclift_m02_vod SD-Wide Buy $3.95
Safe Lifting: The Back's Structure And Function marclift_m01_vod SD-Wide Buy $3.95
Safe Lifting: The Mechanics Of Safe Lifting marclift_m03_vod SD-Wide Buy $3.95