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Safe Lifting In Healthcare Environments For Medical Personnel

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Safe Lifting In Healthcare Environments For Medical Personnel

Improperly lifting or carrying a patient, object, or load is a back problem waiting to happen. This course shows healthcare workers how improper lifting practices cause so many back injuries and how correct lift and carry techniques prevent them.

When the back is working correctly, it does most of the work involved in lifting and carrying and it does it easily. However, as this course spotlights, when the back is asked to do too much or to do it the wrong way, the back is damaged, sometimes for a few days and sometimes indefinitely. Collectively the six topics in this course teach healthcare employees how the back works, the mechanics of safe lifting, how to plan a lift, best practices for patient handling, and how to prevent back injuries.

Present this course to all medical personnel to ensure they think through a lift or a carry before attempting it while using the correct techniques.

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Healthcare environment medical personnel

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • The Back's Structure And Function
  • Preparing For A Lift
  • The Mechanics Of Safe Lifting
  • Below The Waist Lifting
  • Planning A "Carry"
  • Patient Handling
  • Conclusion

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