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Housekeeping in the Workplace

Keep work areas clear to increase safety and efficiency with housekeeping in the workplace

Housekeeping is not just for the home, it is also an important practice for the workplace. Not only does it help keep workspaces clean, it can also help keep them safe. OSHA standards for housekeeping in the workplace require workers to keep hallways, surfaces, and store rooms clear from hazards such as dust, electrical circuits, and general clutter. These things have the potential to cause harm to employees if they go unchecked for too long. Aside from safety concerns, clearing up space makes for a better-looking work environment which contributes to a less-stressed and more productive workforce.

If you are training new employees, make sure they know your workplace policies including housekeeping in the workplace. Even employees who have been around for longer probably could use a refresher on keeping the office, warehouse, or other work area clean.

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