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Eyes: Eye Safety

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The Eye Safety training provides valuable information regarding eye protection, with an emphasis on personal responsibility.

It's hard for us to imagine a more devastating loss than the loss of our sight. Yet we often take eyesight and eye safety for granted. About three-fifths of all eye injuries happen to workers who are not wearing any eye protection. The vast majority of the injuries suffered by those with protection result from wearing types of eye wear that are inadequate for the job.

This course provides three steps to eye safety that are easy to relate to and understand. A powerful reinforcement for safe behavior includes interviews with people who would have actually lost their eyesight; and they explain how different the outcome would be if they had been wearing eye protection. The training also re-enacts accidents to illustrate the importance of wearing eye protection; keeping it clean and fit for use; and wearing the right protection for the job.

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All workers.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
    • Eye injury - liquid sprays in man's eyes
    • Eye safety basics
  • Causes of Eye Injuries
    • Behaviors that contribute to eye injuries
    • Flying or falling objects
  • Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses
    • Prescription eyeglasses
    • Contact lens hazards
  • Maintenance and Selection of Eye Protection
    • Replacing worn or damaged glasses
    • Selecting the right eye protection for the job
  • Conclusion
    • Two eye injury prevention stories
    • Two more eye injury prevention stories
Intended Performance Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course you will be better prepared to:
  • Practice three key steps to Keep eyes safe.
    • Explain the percentage of eye injuries when people were not wearing eye protection.
    • Describe the three steps to protect our eyes from injury.
  • Describe the causes of most eye injuries
    • Describe how attitude can affect eye safety.
    • Explain that flying or falling objects are a major source of eye injury.
  • Follow safe practices for prescription glasses and contact lenses.
    • Explain safety shortcomings of prescription glasses.
    • Describe potential hazards of wearing contacts in the workplace.
  • Wear the right eye protection for the job and keep it well maintained.
    • Describe practices for cleaning and maintaining eye protection.
    • Explain consequences of not wearing the correct eye protection for the job.

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