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Driving: Defensive Driving: Step Vans

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An older man sits in a van training a woman on defensive driving ina step van A man reads a book while driving a step van A step van is on the road with one sedan in front of it and one behind

Driving: Defensive Driving: Step Vans

Defensive driving requires adopting seven steps for safety: get ready, stay focused, be aware, look ahead, back off, expect mistakes, and be noticed. This video teaches any driver of a step van how to prevent the preventable and protect themselves against other drivers' errors, the cause of most vehicle accidents. Preparing your drivers to shield themselves from bad habits and poor decisions of other motorists, while minimizing the likelihood of their own vehicle breaking down, helps ensure their safety.

The importance of creating a cushion of safety around your vehicle is illustrated, as is the method for determining whether you are following at a safe distance. The video discusses line of sight in clear and congested traffic, how to safely approach intersections, dealing with dual left-turn lanes and how to safely pull off the road in the event of an emergency.

Require this video for anyone who drives on your company's behalf. Although a step van is shown in the video, the defensive driving techniques are appropriate for any driver in any vehicle.

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Step van drivers and other professional drivers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Driving Preparation
  • Driver Awareness
  • Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Conclusion

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