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Managing Termination: Your Legal Responsibilities

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Firing someone is not easy, but terminating an employee for cause, due to reorganization or downsizing can be done legally, respectfully and in a dignified manner, as demonstrated in this Video On Demand. The importance of basing termination decisions solely on business-related criteria, following organizational policy, being consistent, communicating accurately and honestly, and knowing when to consult a human resources or legal expert is emphasized. Using narrative examples, the video demonstrates the right and wrong ways to prepare to terminate an employee, conduct the termination meeting, and follow up.

Scenarios explain how to handle termination for cause, considerations for large-scale downsizing, and how to address security concerns. Obtaining company property, providing required documentation and final payment for services is also covered. Procedures for documenting a voluntary termination are also discussed. The training emphasizes that retaining all documentation related to employee performance and termination is essential, as is preserving the confidentiality of this information.

By providing this video training to all new management team members and requiring it as an annual refresher course for veteran managers, the importance of addressing performance issues and documenting the counseling is reinforced. This video helps managers understand their responsibilities and gives them the confidence to deal with one of the most intimidating and unpleasant aspects of their jobs: terminating an employee while protecting their legal rights.

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All hiring managers, supervisors and human resource specialists

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • The Fairness Factor
  • Prepare
  • Meet
  • Document
  • Follow Up
  • Conclusion

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