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Inspection Basics For Supported Scaffolds

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Safeguarding against accidents involving scaffolds starts with a proper inspection by an OSHA-competent individual. This online training video shows workers how proper inspection techniques can be life-saving when dealing with supported scaffolds.

This Video On Demand training explains the steps of an inspection, covering the bottom of the scaffold from the base plates and mudsills to the top with handrails and toe boards on all decks above 10 feet, and all points in between.

The video stresses an employee well-versed in OSHA standards is the first requirement for a safe scaffold worksite. That employee is required to have a working knowledge of proper hardware for scaffold construction and the necessary guidelines for scaffold measurements and safety requirements.

Use this online video training to demonstrate to workers how to conduct a proper inspection and how to recognize hazards or defects in the supported scaffolding at their worksite.

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Workers who use or work at sites with supported scaffolds

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Scaffolding Requirements
  • Review

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