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Forklift: Operator Training

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29 to 58 minutes
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Online Training for Forklift Operators

This Forklift Operator Training program uses full-motion video to teach safe operating rules, engineering principles, speed limits, forklift mechanics, and using ramps.

This course is qualified for continuing education units. Upon completion of this course, you will earn a certificate.

You can take this course from our site or install it on your own corporate online training site.


Advantage™ This course is in the Advantage™ format, to read about Advantage™ features click here.

  • Install on any SCORM LMS
  • Rich multimedia presentation with interactions and quiz
  • Print certificate and wallet card
  • You have 60 days to complete the course

All forklift operators

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Engineering Principles
  • Forklift Mechanics
  • Safe Operating Rules
  • Speed Limits
  • Using Ramps
  • Forklift Operator Training Overview
Intended Performance Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course you will be better prepared to:
  • Follow the general forklift safety guidelines.
    • List the considerations to take when lifting a load.
    • Apply load capacity to load center.
    • Identify the center of gravity with raised forks.
    • Explain why the data plate provides three maximum lifting capacities.
  • Be aware of the basic engineering principles when using a forklift.
    • State the importance of understanding a forklift's engineering principles.
  • Follow safe operating rules when maneuvering a forklift.
    • Agree that riders are never permitted on forklifts.
  • Safely operate forklift equipment.
    • Identify safe fork placement when operating a forklift.
    • List safe traveling procedures when operating a forklift.
    • Describe a rear end swing.
    • Choose safe forklift operating rules.
    • Recall that exit door and electrical panels must remain unblocked at all times.
  • Drive forklifts at a safe speed.
    • Explain proper forklift driving procedures on a ramp.
  • Follow safety rules and precautions when driving up and down ramps.
    • Recognize the need for a forklift's horn to be working.
    • Agree to remove a forklift from service in the event of any leak.
  • Properly mainten a forklift.
    • Choose proper procedure to charge electric forklift batteries.
    • Recognize the need for hand, eye, and face production when refueling propane.
    • Agree to recharge an electric forklift's battery before it goes dead.

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