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Walkie Stacker: Safe Operating Procedures

This course has been discontinued and is no longer available.
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Safely moving light loads over short distances with a walkie-stacker forklift requires proper training and strict adherence to safety procedures. This Video on Demand explains how to use a walkie-stacker’s operating controls including grip throttle and lift controls, steering, fork extension and tilt controls, and the emergency shut-off switch.

Conducting a thorough inspection with the key off and the key on is detailed. Safe operating procedures including proper stance, braking, and rear steering are discussed. Engineering principals essential to lifting, lowering, carrying a load and operating a truck, the 24-inch load center, and the extended load center’s effect on lifting capacity are explained. Viewers learn about the a load’s combined center of gravity, the stability triangle and pyramiding of the stability triangle, which are essential to operating the equipment safely.

This training helps operators understand the capacity of the equipment, its limitations, exercise good judgment when operating it, and promotes safety in the workplace.

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Material handlers, warehouse workers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Walkie Stackers
  • Controls
  • Daily Inspection
  • Safe Operating Procedures
  • Engineering Principles
  • Centers of Gravity
  • Safety Tips
  • Conclusion

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