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Eye Safety in Construction Environments

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Injuries to your eyes are a constant threat, particularly in the construction industry. Every year, roughly 24 million eye injuries occur in the U.S. Most of these eye injuries cause the victim to lose some, if not all, of his or her eyesight. Because the risks are pervasive and the consequences severe, it is vital you know the dangers you may face, as well as how to prevent them. You will learn this valuable information through this eye safety training video.

Your eyes are just like any other part of your body; they get tired, sore, and more difficult to use when you overwork them. This is a common kind of eye trouble: eyestrain. This safety training demonstrates the causes and how to prevent eyestrain. There are more severe dangers to your eyes as well, including flying debris, particles, splashes, or even radiation. While these risks are indeed severe, some experts have said that up to 90% of eye injuries that occur on the job could be prevented just by wearing the proper eye protection. This course explores those hazards and show you how to determine the protective equipment needed.

Of course, even with proper preventative measures in place, an eye injury may still occur. You must know how to react in such a situation, which you will learn here as well. Utilize the materials provided here and keep your eyes safe and healthy at the jobsite.

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Construction workers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Preventing Eyestrain
  • Protecting Against Particles and Splashes
  • Avoiding Radiation Hazards
  • What to do in Case of an Eye Injury
  • Conclusion

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