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Forklift Pedestrian Safety For Operators

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Forklift Pedestrian Safety For Operators

Nearly 80% of all forklift-related accidents resulting in death involve a pedestrian. According to OSHA, almost 70% of these accidents could be avoided if precautionary measures were taught and taken. By illustrating how to prevent these accidents in the context of why they occur, this course teaches forklift operators how to ensure all workers at the facility go home safe every day.

Stressing how important it is for forklift operators to work as a team even though they are the ones responsible for getting a load to its destination safely, this course delivers on its intention to teach forklift operators every aspect of how to stay safe and how to ensure their co-workers do also. The course covers general safety precautions, preparations for driving, best practices for driving, and pedestrian safety.

Present this course to assure all forklift operators are focused, alert, and always use best practices when operating a forklift and when they are pedestrians walking throughout the facility.

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Warehouse workers who operate forklifts at the facility

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Why Forklift Accidents Happen
  • General Safety Precautions
  • Preparing To Drive A Forklift
  • Best Practices For Driving
  • Staying Safe As A Pedestrian
  • Conclusion

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