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Welding Safety

This course has been discontinued and is no longer available.
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Brilliant light, unseen fumes, pounding noise and fire are all risks associated with welding operations. This training video explores all those byproducts of arc and oxy-fuel welding, and explains how to protect against them.

Inspecting welding tips, cylinder valves, fitting and soaping connections before igniting a gas welding torch is the first safety measure discussed. Inspecting the frame of the arc welding generator for grounding, ensuring the proper lead connections and cable insulation are other hazards discussed. Dangers from ultra-violet and infrared light require the use of goggles and welding helmets to protect the eyes from light damage or blindness. Proper ventilation and using respirators to protect the lung and nervous system is explained.

Using hearing protection helps prevent fatigue, irritability and partial or total hearing loss. Strong leather gloves, leather aprons, high-topped shoes and other safety gear are essentials, and the advisability of wearing cotton clothing to minimize the likelihood of ignition is explained. Dangers from fire in the workplace that could be caused by welding operations are thoroughly covered.

Welding is vital part of metalwork, but it is extremely hazardous. This Video On Demand training helps protect employees, co-workers and property from the unintended consequences of welding processes. Make this a required module, regardless of how long a welder has been on the job.

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Anyone involved in the welding process

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Operating Procedures
  • Light
  • Fumes
  • Noise
  • Protective Clothing
  • Fire Prevention
  • Review

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