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Creating A Positive Healthcare Mindset Part 1: Becoming Aware

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When employees are asked to comply with new policies, most often they initially interpret the directive as requiring them to conform or submit. This prompts an almost instinctual reflex to resist. This dynamic often comes into play in the workplace, especially in the continuously-changing healthcare industry.

As part one of this four-course series shows, this natural negative reaction to authority or rules prompts negative attitudes that create counterproductive outcomes. By interacting with the Professional Wheel introduced in this lesson, learners engage in Self-Assessment activities which gives them a snapshot of where their mindset is now and how to shift it to become more positive and proactive. Active engagement in these exercises assures healthcare professionals become aware of why and how shifting their mindsets toward change contributes to positive change in their work environment, as well as their personal lives.

Present this course to teach your staff to recognize what’s getting in the way of their accomplishments and how to shift their focus towards the outcomes they desire.

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Corporate Healthcare professionals in managerial and team leadership

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • A Shift In Mindset
  • Creating A Positive Mindset
  • Introducing Self Reflection Questions
  • The Professional Wheel
  • Microlearning 1a
  • Self Reflection Questions
  • Focus On What You Want
  • Microlearning 1b
  • Self Reflection Questions
  • Your Intentions Are Good
  • Microlearning 1c
  • Self Reflection Questions

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