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New Features In Microsoft 365: What's New In Word?

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New Features In Microsoft 365: What's New In Word?

Microsoft 365 has introduced several key updates and upgrades across its entire suite of programs. This training lesson focuses on the new features in Word.

We are all used to scrolling through documents vertically. However, vertically may not always be the most convenient way of navigating a document, especially if you are using a tablet. With Microsoft 365, you now can set your reading pane to side-to-side, so you can scroll through your document horizontally like it were a book (and with pages fit to your screen). This course demonstrates how to use the side-by-side page display feature.

The topic of accessibility in technology is also extremely important. Screen readers, for example, allow visually impaired individuals to access certain applications by reading them aloud. Before you publish a document in Microsoft Word, you can perform an accessibility check. This course shows you how to run your document through different accessibility criteria to suggest corrections and improvements to ensure screen readers can find and read aloud all relevant information in your document.

Use the information presented in this training lesson and become familiar with two new features in Microsoft 365 Word.

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All Word users of Microsoft 365 who want to learn about the latest updates

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Page Through Documents Side To Side
  • Ensure Accessibility In Word

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