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Preventing Head Injuries: To The Point

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Preventing Head Injuries: To The Point

Workplace head injuries can be easily prevented. Unfortunately, every year there are more than 65,000 such injuries resulting in over 1,000 deaths. Indeed, from falling tools and exposed pipes to swinging crane loads and energized electrical parts, there are numerous kinds of hazards in a workplace that can cause severe head injuries. Wearing a hardhat is one of the easiest ways to protect your head, as most employees who have suffered a head injury were not wearing any protection. This course demonstrates the critical skills for identifying the proper protective equipment and how to wear it.

When your head is left unprotected, you are at an increased risk of a serious head injury and, in some cases permanent disability or even death. Even if your company provides you with the proper protection, it is your responsibility to wear it when you are mandated to do so. You must also know the major requirements of effective head protection, including penetration resistance, shock absorption, water resistance, and presentation of clear instruction regarding fit and maintenance. This course covers these topics, as well as hardhat classification, replacement, and accessories.

A contest between an unprotected head and a falling hammer truly is no contest. One dropped tool could have life-altering consequences; this is why wearing your hardhat is so important. It must fit properly and be correctly maintained, and it must be replaced when necessary to do so. If you ignore the guidance this training video provides, you are exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. Utilize the information and materials presented here and protect yourself, and your head, on the job.

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Anyone who needs to wear a hardhat at work

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Employee Responsibility To Wear Head Protection
  • Hardhat Requirements
  • Industrial Hardhat Classification
  • Bump Caps
  • Importance Of A Proper Fit
  • Hardhat Accessories
  • Cleaning & Inspection
  • Hardhat Replacement
  • Conclusion

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