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Lab Training Videos

Safety training courses for working in a lab

When we think of labs one of the first things most people picture is someone in a lab coat and safety goggles. There's a reason these two things are so closely associated with working in a lab. They are important because both these things serve the purpose of increasing safety.

Our lab training videos cover various topics related to safety while working in a lab. From the safe handling of glassware to the use of safety showers and eye washes, Mastery Training Services online training courses teach your employees or students how to properly handle laboratory equipment in a safe fashion.

Course Listing by Featured Workplace: Laboratory

Title Format Video Format Product ID Price
Breathe Safely: The Proper Use of Respiratory Protection HD erisbspu_vod Buy $19.95
Breathe Safely: The Proper Use of Respiratory Protection (Concise Version) HD erisbspuc_vod Buy $17.95
First Aid HD marcfaid1_vod Buy $19.95
HIPAA Rules and Compliance HD marchrco_vod Buy $19.95
Introduction to OSHA HD marcitos_vod Buy $19.95
Laboratory Safety: Electrical Safety in the Laboratory SD-Wide marclele_vod Buy $19.95
Laboratory Safety: Flammables and Explosives in the Laboratory SD-Wide marclexp_vod Buy $19.95
Laboratory Safety: GHS Safety Data Sheets in Laboratories SD-Wide marcgsdl_vod Buy $19.95
Laboratory Safety: Handling Compressed Gas Cylinders in the Laboratory SD-Wide marclcgc_vod Buy $19.95
Laboratory Safety: Laboratory Ergonomics SD-Wide marclerg_vod Buy $19.95
Laboratory Safety: Laboratory Hoods SD-Wide marclhoo_vod Buy $19.95
Laboratory Safety: Orientation to Laboratory Safety SD-Wide marcotls_vod Buy $19.95
Laboratory Safety: Planning for Laboratory Emergencies SD-Wide marcleme_vod Buy $19.95
Laboratory Safety: Preventing Contamination in the Laboratory SD-Wide marcpcil_vod Buy $19.95
Laboratory Safety: Safe Handling of Laboratory Glassware SD-Wide marclgla_vod Buy $19.95
Laboratory Safety: Safety Showers and Eye Washes in the Laboratory SD-Wide marclsew_vod Buy $19.95
Laboratory Safety: The OSHA Formaldehyde Standard SD-Wide marclfor_vod Buy $19.95
Personal Protective Equipment: PPE: From Head to Toe SD-Wide auroppht_vod Buy $19.95