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Stressful Workplace Relationships

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Stressful Workplace Relationships

It isn’t uncommon for a small favor for a co-worker to turn into a repeated disturbance. Sometimes the people we work with trap us in emotionally distressing relationships. This online training video presents Katherine Crowley’s and Kathi Elster’s (authors of “Working With You Is Killing Me”) four steps for dealing with emotional traps at work.

A discussion of workplace roles and how we fall into destructive relationships is demonstrated through three examples of stressful workplace relationships. The dramatizations provide examples of how to follow the four steps to coping with a toxic relationship. The first two steps cover ways to release negative emotions by physically and mentally “unhooking” from the situation. The final two steps present actions to change the situation by talking out the issue and documenting the solution.

Developing the communication skills to deal with stressful relationships helps you avoid the physical and emotional symptoms of stress, as well as unhealthy coping strategies. This online training video teaches you how to deal with difficult workplace relationships, making it easier for you to recover from stress and frustration.

This course was originally produced by CRM Learning as “Working With You Is Killing Me.”

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Anyone looking for ways to cope with stressful workplace relationships

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Being 'Hooked'
  • Boundary Busters
  • Confining Roles and Toxic Relationships
  • Unhook Physically
  • Unhook Mentally
  • Unhook Verbally
  • Unhook With A Business Tool
  • Expect To Be Tested
  • Conclusion

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