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Maritime: Marine Fire Prevention, Training, and Response

This course has been discontinued and is no longer available.
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A man using a firehose A man showing employees how to use a fire extinguisher A man locating all the fire alarms on the vessel

Maritime: Marine Fire Prevention, Training, and Response

Highly flammable materials are found throughout tow vessels and could cause a fire. This training video presents a solid overview of the fire hazards onboard a ship, the required fire detection systems, internal communication systems that are vital when responding to fire emergencies, and the fire prevention and response systems tow vessels must have. Fire prevention techniques, classes of fire, portable fire extinguishers, fixed suppression systems, extinguishing agents such as foam, dry chemicals and water, and their use are discussed. Fire drills and fire prevention training requirements and their frequency are reviewed. The video concludes with a quiz to ensure viewers understand and retain the key points.

Fire safety awareness is vital aboard a tow vessel. Providing this comprehensive training video lays a solid foundation for fire safety awareness and prevention. It should be mandatory viewing for every veteran and new maritime employee.

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Tow vessel crew members and managers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Internal Communications
  • Fire Prevention And Response Systems
  • The Nature And Elements Of Fire
  • Fire Prevention Techniques
  • Fire Prevention in the Galley
  • Safe Hot Work Procedures
  • Classes Of Fire
  • Portable Extinguishers & Fixed Suppression Systems
  • Extinguishing Agents: Foam
  • Extinguishing Agents: Dry Chemical
  • Extinguishing Agents: Water
  • Extinguisher Location & Inspection
  • Developing Effective Fire Drills
  • Fire Fighting Strategies, Response, And Overhaul

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