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DOT: HAZMAT: Safe Work Practices

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This training focuses on employees who handle as well as transport hazardous materials. The training makes employees aware of the hazards associated with the materials they handle... and shows them how to work with these materials safely.

  • Install on any SCORM LMS
  • Rich multimedia presentation with interactions and quiz
  • Print certificate and wallet card
  • You have 60 days to complete the course

Workers who handle or transport hazardous materials.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
    • Recognizing hazardous materials
    • Shipping Paper information
    • MSDS information
  • Shipping, Handling and Transportation
    • Safe shipping procedures
    • Transportation safety procedures
    • Safe delivery handling procedures
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Eye protection
    • Hand protection
    • Respiratory protection
  • Emergency Response Information
    • Required shipper information and training
    • Guidebook information
  • Dealing With Emergencies
    • Fire fighting procedures
    • Spill procedures
    • First Aid procedures
Intended Performance Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course you will be better prepared to:
  • Employ information on hazardous materials.
    • Identify if a material is hazardous.
    • locate specific hazard information.
    • provide required Shipping Paper information.
    • Identify MSDS information.
    • Explain who needs hazardous material training.
  • Practice proper hazmat shipping and handling.
    • Use correct containers and documentation for shipping.
    • Practice safe storage and shipping of materials.
    • Identify unacceptable containers.
    • Identify safe handling procedures for materials.
    • Identify procedures for safe transportation of materials.
  • Employ the appropriate PPE for hazmat materials.
    • Identify appropriate eye protection.
    • Identify approriate hand protection.
    • Identify appropriate respiratory protection.
    • Locate information on PPE requirements.
    • Know other forms of personal protection.
  • Use appropriate hazmat emergency responses.
    • Describe required Hazmat information and training.
    • Use the DOT Emergency Response Guidebook.
  • Practice appropriate hazmat emergency procedures.
    • Recognize the PASS fire fighting method.
    • Describe hazardous spill procedures.
    • Apply procedures for skin and eye contact.
    • Identify proper first aid procedures.

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