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Becoming An Effective Manager: Conflict Resolution

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Conflict resolution is an important skill to obtain as a supervisor. If issues among team members are ignored for too long, the work environment grows toxic. Employees could even quit their job over a workplace conflict. Knowing when and how to address a conflict helps diffuse any issues quickly and efficiently.

In this training course, supervisors learn how to address a conflict immediately. They also learn how having a plan for conflict resolution creates compromises and solutions for how to work better as a team. Some steps of the plan discussed in this training include uncovering the issue, listening to understand, using “I” statements, and agreeing on a solution.

By clearly defining job responsibilities and expectations, supervisors help their team avoid conflicts, and in the case of any conflict, supervisors will know how to quickly address and resolve them after taking this training.

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Supervisors, managers or anyone in a leadership role

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Become Aware Of Workplace Conflicts
  • Have A Plan For Conflict Management
  • Summary

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