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Conflict Resolution In Industrial Facilities

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Wherever there are people, there will be conflict. However, not all conflicts need to become problems. If addressed properly, conflicts in the workplace can actually be a source of positive growth for employees and employers alike. If left unaddressed however, or if handled incorrectly, conflicts may increase stress, interfere with business, and even lead to physical violence. This is why an effective conflict resolution process is so important. This training video provides you with guidance as to the various kinds of conflict you may face in the workplace, how best to resolve them, as well as what to do if conflict escalates out of control.

To resolve a conflict, you must first know the underlying nature of that conflict. For example, because disputes at work occur where people are earning a living, any conflict may be seen as a threat to that way of living. Conflicts always have a root cause, and they always have a reason. Even if employees disagree regarding their respective goals, those goals typically are not mutually exclusive. Or, if individuals disagree how to accomplish their goals, there are usually still strategies that may be utilized to effectively move both parties forward. Without understanding the nature of the conflict, you cannot begin to address and remedy it.

While there are many methods to amend conflict, some responses may make the situation worse. For example, competing, yielding, and avoiding are three guaranteed ways to exacerbate a conflict. You will learn about these here. Conflicts also do not just impact those directly involved, as they may create a tense and hostile work environment for others as well. Utilize the materials provided in this training lesson and learn how to understand, and diffuse, workplace conflicts.

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Anyone working in an industrial setting

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Understanding Conflict In The Workplace
  • Responses That Can Make Things Worse
  • Resolving Conflicts Effectively
  • How To Handle A Confrontation
  • Conclusion

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