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Customer Service: So Help Me, Employee Edition

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Customer Service: So Help Me, Employee Edition

Handling difficult people can be a huge challenge for customer service representatives. But finding a way to work their problem through to a successful conclusion can be a satisfying experience for both the customer and the employee. This video training shows customer service situations that were non-productive for both parties and then presents ways the problem could have been resolved through careful listening and taking responsibility for addressing the concern.

Tips for problem solving include; taking ownership of resolving the problem, explaining what you can do to address a concern instead of what you cannot do, looking carefully for underlying causes of the problem, and showing empathy for the person. When problem solving makes a customer happy, the stress of the job is diminished and personal fulfillment increases. This video shows you how to make your public-facing job rewarding and pleasant, and how to win customer loyalty.

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Customer service representatives and sales associates

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • It's Policy; There's Nothing I Can Do
  • It's Not My Department
  • I've Heard This All Before
  • Let Me Transfer You
  • I'm Happy To Help, But...
  • Review

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