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Forklift Safety: Stability Triangle

This course has been discontinued and is no longer available.
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Operating a Forklift with a stability triangle What to know about a forklife stability triangle Using a forklift's trianlge stability to safely move objects

Forklift Safety: Forklift Stability Triangle

A diverse set of industries require the use of forklifts, whether for stocking shelves in retail or for wholesalers to load goods into railcars. However, commonality does not guarantee the proper use of this equipment. In fact, 95,000 injuries occur annually due to improper forklift use and inadequate staff training. In any case, the cost incurred from these accidents equates to a staggering $100 million each year.

The "Forklift Safety: Stability Triangle" training video accordingly demonstrates how to stack and maneuver well-maintained loads across grates, and around shelves and pedestrians. Through incident reenactments, the program explains the simple physics behind the "forklift stability triangle" system and how understanding and using these principles can help reduce the risk of forklift-related wrecks and injuries.

When driving a forklift, slow down, sound the horn, and make eye contact with pedestrians. Help your employees apply the concepts in this video on the stability triangle so they can operate forklifts in the safest manner possible.

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Employees who operate forklifts.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Triangle of Stability
  • Stability Triangle Factors
  • Stability
  • Load Handling and Stacking
  • Tips For Safety
  • Conclusion

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