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Driving: Safe Loading and Unloading of Delivery Vehicles

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Loading delivery vehicles Signaling delivery vehicles after they have been loaded Safely unloading delivery vehicles

Driving: Safe Loading and Unloading of Delivery Vehicles

Professional delivery drivers establish a routine making them faster and more efficient at their job. Unfortunately, it can also make them complacent and less likely to be aware of the risks surrounding them. Numerous incidents occur in the delivery process, some leading to serious injuries. Do your employees know how to assess safety risks and prevent incidents throughout the loading, delivery, and unloading process?

One of the most dangerous hazards to a delivery professional is a shifting load. In addition to product damage, it can lead to personal injury. This safety video discusses incident prevention methods including proper loading procedures, load checks prior to releasing the load, and safe unloading. Your employees will also see a real-life incident involving a seasoned employee who met tragedy after failing to follow safety procedures.

Incident prevention begins with awareness and keeping safety procedures at the top of mind for your employees begins with training. Providing this course will assist your new employees in understanding the risks of the job environment and it will remind your long-time employees how complacency can lead to accidents.

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Truck drivers and loading dock employees.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Arriving at Your Location
  • Backing Up Safely
  • Before Unloading
  • At Your Destination
  • Nick's Story
  • Preventing Incidents

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