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Harassment Prevention Essentials for Managers

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Harassment is a serious issue in the workplace. Harassment involved bullying, embarrassment, coercion, intimidation or insults and it leads to reduced morale, job loss and lawsuits. Regardless of the form it takes however, harassment is always inappropriate and illegal. Your role as manager is critical to preventing harassment in your company, as you must know how to address such behavior, and how to be a role model and lead the fight in eliminating it altogether. Anyone can be harassed, or harass someone else, at any time. This course demonstrates the important tasks of identifying harassment, understanding its consequences and addressing harassment.

Regardless of the setting or the person being harassed, even witnessing harassing behavior is enough to lead to a complaint, if the behavior is so severe a reasonable person would feel as though they are in a hostile work environment, the behavior is illegal. A lawsuit may follow as well; while it is important to recognize this fact, it is just as important to understand how harassment affects those people around you. Managers must be proactive in creating a harassment-free work environment, as that behavior does not just impact the direct victim of harassment. It could affect then entire work group or even company.

Harassment often stems from perceived differences, including race, sex, nationality, age, disability, religion, or gender identity, among others. You must be aware of the many forms of harassment, as well as how harassment can be overt or subtle. This course presents numerous examples of inappropriate and harassing behavior here. As a manager, if you are not vigilant, more people may fall victim to harassment and cause significant emotional, and potentially even legal, consequences. You have the responsibility and duty to address harassment. You cannot be passive. Utilize the information presented in this training video, be proactive in addressing harassment, and help eliminate it in your workplace.

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The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Legal Definitions Of Harassment
  • Examples Of Harassment
  • Consequences Of Harassment
  • Management Responsibilities
  • Conclusion

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