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Construction Fall Protection

This course has been discontinued and is no longer available.
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Fall protection at construction sites Ensuring your coworkers don't fall in construction zones Protecting yourself while falling in construction zones

Protecting construction workers from crippling or deadly accidents starts with training on fall prevention. This Video On Demand course is perfect for new or veteran construction trades people. It explains the most common fall hazards, those due to collapses or falling through openings, and how to protect against them.

Using guardrails, safety nets, warning lines, controlled access zones and safety monitors are passive fall protection strategies. Body harnesses are active, personal fall restraint devices that are the preferred system when working at heights of six feet or more above the ground. Workers are reminded of the need to employ some type of fall protection whenever they could fall six feet or more to a surface below, as falls from this height or greater dramatically increase the risk of injury.

Viewers learn which types of situational fall protection are appropriate for different settings. They also learn how to ensure the components of fall restraint systems are properly used. The video discusses two types of safety equipment that are no longer legal, and explains why those devices have been outlawed. Workers' obligations to employ good housekeeping to protect others from falling objects, and the habitual use of hardhats at all times is stressed.

Construction safety is no accident, and all falls can be prevented if fall protection systems are in place. While on-the-job training is a respected part of building trades, workers seldom have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes when a fall from a height occurs. Watching this video is a smart and safe way to keep fall prevention top of mind for everyone.

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Building trades and other construction workers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Hazards
  • Fall Protection Systems
  • Personal Fall Protection
  • Conclusion

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