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Returning To Work During The Coronavirus Pandemic For Employees

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Returning To Work During The Coronavirus Pandemic For Employees

The impact of the coronavirus on the workforce has been significant. Whether workers have been furloughed or working at home, the thought of returning to work is overwhelming. Using this online course as a prerequisite before returning to work reiterates the importance of accepting a “new normal” to keep the entire facility safe.

This training first provides excellent tips for how to prepare to return to work. Employees are encouraged to obtain as much information as possible about the changes to their workplace, such as PPE requirements and facility capacity mandates. They are also reminded to start getting back into their old routine including planning for childcare and transportation if necessary. Adjustments to the “new” facility are likely, such as changes to common areas, work schedules, and personnel workspaces. This training reminds workers of the four cornerstones of battling the coronavirus: social distancing, handwashing, sanitizing, and respiratory etiquette.

When returning to work, things will look and feel different. While these changes may be disconcerting at first, working together as a team will help everyone adapt to this “new normal.” Using this training course prior to returning to work sets up the entire organization for success to help keep the team and facility safe during the pandemic.

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The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Getting Yourself Ready
  • Your “New” Facility
  • Working In Your “New” Facility
  • Conclusion

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