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Personal Protective Equipment: Stepback for Safety

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You may take the importance of safety procedures for granted, especially if you have been doing the same job for years without experiencing an accident or injury. Even if you’ve never been hurt on the job you still have to wear your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); PPE acts as a second skin to protect you from the hazards specific to your job tasks. With this online training video, you will become educated as to the various types of PPE, as well as their proper uses. While the PPE you need at work may depend of your specific assignments, this information is integral to you remaining safe regardless of the tasks assigned to you.

While many types of PPE are required there are also optional types of PPE, and even though they are not mandatory for completing your job they provide additional protection. Selecting the proper PPE is not enough, you must also know how to correctly wear and use the equipment. This Video On Demand training gives you the ability to recognize how to maximize your protection through proper PPE usage.

Ultimately, you need to know how to be safe, and you need to be given the skills to help keep yourself safe. With the material presented in this video, you will know which PPE to use, how to correctly use them, as well as how to inspect and maintain your equipment in order to ensure the effectiveness remains. Demonstrate to your employees the importance of correctly using Personal Protective Equipment by providing them with this online training video.

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All workers who require the use of personal protective equipment

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • What You Need To Know
  • Basic PPE
  • Specialized PPE
  • It's Your Responsibility

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