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Managing Sleep: Feel Awake & Rested - Concise Version

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Thirteen percent of injuries in the workplace can be contributed to fatigue and each year over 5,000 fatal traffic accents involve drowsy driving, i.e., poor sleep. As a documented factor in reducing overall productivity, health, and safety, poor sleep is a societal condition in dire need of correction and improvement.

This course presents the practices and habits everyone can develop to manage the issues that affect the quantity and quality of sleep. Beginning with an overview of the four Stages of Sleep, ranging from light sleep to deep sleep, this course details the practices and habits known as good sleep hygiene. These best practices allow a person to manage how much and how well they sleep, regardless of the hours or shifts they work.

Offer this course to help your employees learn how to improve the quality of their work and personal lives by practicing good sleep hygiene habits.

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Workers in all positions and levels, particularly those who work odd hours and long shifts.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Stages of Sleep
  • Good Sleep Hygiene
  • Good Shift Work Practices
  • Conclusion

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