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Spills & Skills: Non-Emergency Hazmat Spill Response

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recognizing a non-emergency hazmat spill response responding to a non-emergency hazmat spill response what to do after a non-emergency hazmat spill response

Spills & Skills: Non-Emergency Hazmat Spill Response

Knowing how to respond to small-scale accidental releases of hazardous materials is critical. This training video explains when an emergency coordinator or safety specialist must be notified to manage the cleanup and when an employee who has had basic training in spill cleanup can take action.

The importance of being able to identify the spilled material is stressed, as this determines the best response procedures and what types of personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used in accordance with Material Safety Data Sheets. Viewers learn how to use socks, absorbent pads, pillows and loose absorbents to soak up spilled liquids and gels. Methods of cleaning up the absorbent materials are covered, along with safe and proper labeling and disposal of contaminated material and PPE. The video discusses the physical symptoms indicating a worker needs medical attention, and reinforces the importance of letting a nearby co-worker know a hazmat cleanup is underway.

By taking part in this video training, workers are better prepared to help protect themselves, other employees, the environment and make the facility a safer, better workplace.

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Employees who work with or around hazardous materials

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Hazmat Spill Discovery and Assessment
  • Non-HAZWOPER Spill Responses
  • Incidental Release Clean-up Procedures
  • Recap

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