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OSHA Recordkeeping For Employees

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OSHA Recordkeeping For Employees

OSHA has created a powerful tool for making your workplace safer: its injury and illness recordkeeping system, which is also named Part 1904 after its Federal regulation number. Part 1904 established a standard method for recording work-related injuries and illnesses, and it also allows your employer to easily create statistics on any incidents that occur at your facility. This information is vital, as it allows your employer to identify problem areas within your facility and to correct any hazardous conditions, and it allows you to better understand the risks you may face at work. This training video demonstrates how to report injuries and illnesses, how to be involved in the recordkeeping process, as well as how Part 1904 helps OSHA determine if new regulations are needed.

OSHA prohibits employers from discriminating against anyone who reports a work-related fatality or injury or otherwise files a complaint to encourage participation in Part 1904. This course explains which workers and industries are covered by Part 1904, how a “work-related” injury or illness is defined, and which work-related injuries and illnesses are recordable. Finally, this course demonstrates how to record and report injuries and illnesses.

It is in your best interest, and the best interest of your employer, for you to know how to properly and accurately respond to a workplace injury. Utilize the information presented here and help create a safer, and more compliant, workplace.

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The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • The OSHA Recordkeeping Rule
  • Work-Related Injuries And Illnesses
  • Recordable Work-Related Injuries And Illnesses
  • OSHA Recordkeeping Forms
  • Reporting Injuries And Illnesses
  • Conclusion

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