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Online Workplace Safety Training

Refresh attitudes and create a culture of safety at your workplace

It is every employee's responsibility to be aware of and follow safety procedures. However, complacency often sets in after performing the same job every day for months or years. Online workplace safety training is a great tool to build a safe culture at work. These courses offer an overview of common workplace safety procedures, including lockout/tagout procedures, use of personal protection equipment, bloodborne pathogen exposure prevention, awareness of confined space dangers, hazard communication standards, good housekeeping practices, communication between employees, and being responsible pedestrians.

Without consistent safety habits, employees are working at a higher risk for accidents and injury. These training courses offer tips, suggestions and testimonials to reinforce why safety habits need to be part of an employee's daily routine. The online workplace safety training covers topics such as getting back to work after having time off, how to communicate to co-workers about safety, how to prevent accidents, job safety analysis, and more! Focus on creating a culture of safety and help employees better understand their responsibility to keep the workplace safe with the help of these workplace safety courses.

Course Listing by Topic: Safety: Safety Culture

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Title Product ID Microlearning Single Play
Retail Price
A Safety Carol erisscar_vod Buy $24.95
Back to Work, Back to Safety: Reestablishing Safety Habits After Time Away erisbtwb_vod Buy $24.95
Building A Lasting Culture Of Safety tjhcblcs_vod Buy $24.95
Cell Phones In The Workplace: A Dangerous Distraction - Concise Version eriscpiwc_vod Buy $21.95
Complacency In The Workplace: Sandy's Story apicciws_vod Buy $24.95
Creating A Safe Industrial Workplace tjhccsiw_vod Buy $24.95
I Chose To Look The Other Way: Three Stories of Workplace Safety erisictl_vod Buy $24.95
Job Safety Analysis, Safety Awareness And You erisjsas_vod Buy $24.95
Job Safety Analysis, Safety Awareness, and You - Concise Version erisjsasc_vod Buy $21.95
Making Safety Work: An Overview Of Workplace Safety and Employee Responsibilities erismswa_vod Buy $24.95
New Hire Safety Essentials erisnhse_vod Buy $24.95
New Hire Safety Essentials - Concise Version erisnhsec_vod Buy $21.95
Orientation To Safety For New Employees erisotsn_vod Buy $24.95
PPE Wear it for You apicpwiy_vod Buy $24.95
Preventing Workplace Injury tjhcpwin_vod Buy $24.95
Responsibility: Stay in Control apicrsic_vod Buy $24.95
Safety 101 For Employees apsfs1em_vod Buy $24.95
Safety 101 For Supervisors apsfs1su_vod Buy $24.95
Safety Audits marccsa1_vod Buy $24.95
Safety Awareness for New Employees marcsane1_vod Buy $24.95
Safety Decision Making: Overcoming Human Nature erissdmo_vod Buy $24.95
Safety Leadership: An Essential Safety Element erisslae_vod Buy $24.95
Safety Leadership: An Essential Safety Element - Concise Version erisslaec_vod Buy $21.95
Safety Orientation marcsori1_vod Buy $24.95
Safety Orientation in Construction Environments marcsoic1_vod Buy $24.95
Safety: What's Your Role? apsfswyr_vod Buy $24.95
Safety: What's Your Role? - Concise Version apsfswyrc_vod Buy $21.95
Walking and Working Surfaces: Comprehensive Training eriswwsc_vod Buy $24.95
Walking and Working Surfaces: Comprehensive Training - Concise Version eriswwscc_vod Buy $21.95
Workplace Safety Essentials tjhcwses_vod Buy $24.95